Beijing Netcom Iptv Off The Lack Of A Single Business Model Into The Bottleneck

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The end of 2005 lot of heated discussions in Beijing Netcom IPTV Project, has finally ordering, ZTE And Shanghai Bell Alcatel to become the final winner. Reliable sources said the two will provide Beijing Netcom to provide a total capacity of more than 5 million lines of IPTV equipment.

  The message has been ZTE and Alcatel Shanghai Bell's confirmation. Both sides said that it has received notice of winning the bid to Beijing Netcom, cooperation agreements will be signed in the past few weeks.

Forerunner of later Fact, China Netcom Peep IPTV market has been a long time. As early as 2004, China Netcom on through a series of Investment Cooperation initiatives, in order to pave the way for its IPTV strategy bypass: IDG invested 500 million yuan and cooperation, "every day online"; for the Beijing People's Broadcasting Radio's "Beijing Network as" the provision of technical support; reference PCCW "NOW" mode, test water in the Sichuan province of IPTV services.

Concept in the early days of IPTV, China Netcom's attitude is a very positive initiative. But suffer from the policy of the IPTV difficult to grasp, to enter after 2005, slowing the pace of China Netcom, the largest action is Shanghai Media Co-pilot commercial IPTV in Harbin to promote business. In this project, China Netcom to play only the role of network provider, content platform for the development and operation of all responsibility by the Shanghai Media. Experts said: "In China Telecommunications And local radio and television sector to step up distribution of IPTV and Digital TV The moment, China Netcom will not willingly act as supporting roles. "The end of 2005, just as China Telecom, the China Netcom to disclose the country involving more than 20 provinces, including

IPTV strategy, this is only the first step in CNC development effort.

Beijing Netcom is the default, more than 20 provinces of the first end of the tender results Operation Business, the experts believe that with the increasingly serious in Beijing form the broadband market, Beijing Netcom IPTV services want to pull as soon as possible ARPU declining value of broadband services, and Package Including radio and television, including other network operators to start Competition .

Netcom also curve rescue? "At present, the difficulties and variables of this project is to determine the content partner." Netcom an insider told reporters. Previously, there have been media Baoliao: IPTV sole owner of the license?? Although Netcom Shanghai Media Group signed a cooperation framework agreement, specific to local, Shanghai Media has not yet joined it. The source confirmed to this reporter the statement: "At present we are still likely to be content with a number of square units to discuss, Shanghai Media Central TV station , Beijing TV are likely to become partners. "

But experts believe that Shanghai Media play a leading role in the project, the possibility of much. "CCTV may get a license at any time, Shanghai Media CCTV headquarters in host would lead to more disputes." The expert said. At present, the more feasible roads two: CCTV in the near future to get a license, in cooperation with Beijing Netcom

IPTV business; or, Beijing Netcom to change routes, such as the Beijing TV Station with content providers such cooperation, not to IPTV as the business name, take the road curves to carry out the actual IPTV business.

Operators IPTV business in getting faster and faster pace of today's content has become the biggest bottleneck, China Telecom and China Netcom have to have selected curve, bypassing the policy barriers. A high-level equipment manufacturers that: "block as dredging, as long as the end-user needs, content providers can not miss this opportunity, the license will not always be the bottleneck."

2006, can they go one step?

It is reported that agreement, the two companies will immediately supply to Beijing Netcom, a source said: The entire system can be built in a month is good, and when to distribute telephone numbers depends on Beijing Netcom and content providers of the negotiations.

Two equipment vendors will provide Beijing Netcom, based on H.264  End standard solution for broadband video services, Alcatel Shanghai Bell Team Wang Ying, vice president, highlighted the Beijing Netcom to provide solutions for triple play services in the future but also to Home Networking Entertainment transition.

Tender for Beijing Netcom's IPTV industry in 2006, a booster, it is to show the carrier's determination to firmly take the road IPTV. ZTE Network Division of Zhou Rui said: "Could the real unfolded IPTV services, and attract more users, the IPTV pilot is the key to this task."

Zhou Rui said: "Based on previous experience in the commercial test, such as broadcast and on-demand IPTV easier to achieve the basic business, IPTV business of the difficulty is whether to create innovative business, which is prerequisite for the development of large-scale commercial . "Netcom in Beijing there is still a far way.

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Beijing Netcom Iptv Off The Lack Of A Single Business Model Into The Bottleneck

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